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Whilst the current Covid pandemic is on, there are NO VACANCIES WHATSOEVER with myself, Mistress Nichol.

As soon as this situation changes, this message will be removed my vacancies shall be open once again.

Please do NOT apply and waste your time until you can no longer see this message visible on this page.


Mistress Nichol

Mistress Nichol is very particular about the Sub or Slave she chooses for each role, to work alongside her.  So do not expect a reply unless she feels that you may have potential.  Each role is very clear in their individual descriptions.  Do not call Mistress Nichol to apply for a role, then give her a list of things you would'would not do for her.  She will hang up as she does not have the time for time-wasters.

Make your application for each role using the application form which can found at the foot of this page.

Do not apply more than once for the role.

Ensure you read exactly what is required, and how, for each role advertised.  You will simply not receive a reply if Mistress feels you do not understand exactly what it is that will be required of you.

Want to ask me anything connected to a vacancy.. or anything else?


I wish you kinky lucky with your application my dear loyal toys



A cleaner / maid is required to clean and tidy my chambers and dungeon on a regular basis.  2 hours once a fortnight - and you will of course tribute £50 for the privilege of being allowed to handle Mistress's toys, belongings, underwear etc.. as you clean and make everything fabulous for my next Prey to enter my Dungeon.   

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • I will require you twice a month, bi-weekly.  You will ensure you are available at a regular time on a day to be agreed each fortnight before you apply.  *Note: You are welcome to clean at my chambers more often if you prefer... such as once per week.  You will be required to tribute on each occasion though so do be aware of this.  
  • You will tribute £50 each time you arrive at my premises as a show of your gratitude towards Mistress Nichol for allowing you anywhere near her Chambers, dungeon, sissy room, dildos, strap-ons.. and the worn underwear of Mistress herself.  Such a lucky dear, aren't you!
  • You will realise that you are not coming to session with Mistress Nichol, or be entitled to ANY type of connection or play whatsoever.  Mistress is unlikely to be sitting around in Fetish wear either, whilst you are doing your cleaning!  But you DO understand that your role as Mistress Nichol's cleaning maid is to do exactly as you are instructed to do.  You will be polite, well mannered, be very clear and understanding of your submissive role and be very able and capable of ensuring Mistress's high standards are kept at all times by the quality of the work that you do.
  • There is no uniform provided but you are more than welcome to provide your own and store it here in Mistress Nichols Sissy dressing room.  The alternative would be wearing just black underwear of your own OR you may clean completely naked PROVIDING you ensure you are freshly clean and showered!
  • The ideal applicant for Mistress Nichol has served other Mistress's in a Lifestyle capacity for a length of time. Failing that, you are at the very least naturally submissive, has a strong desire to please and assist in keeping Mistress's chambers clean, fresh and presentable at all times.
  • Chores will include:  hoovering, polishing and generally tidying up where Mistress dictates.  Cleaning of dungeon equipment and toys ensuring first-class hygiene standards are kept at all times.  Light handwashing duties of sissy and Mistress's underwear and other light clothing when necessary.  Sissy room tidy ensuring outfits are neat and cared for properly, particularly Mistress Nichols wardrobe!.. plus other ad-hoc duties as required.  Bringing tea/latte to Mistress when she rings your bell.. massaging her feet as required.. etc.


  • DO NOT apply if you are expecting a wank as a thank you!! YOU are NOT a true submissive... and YOU are NOT welcome!!  There are no sexual thank you's.  You are a submissive.. it is your job to please and obey.  If you do not understand or accept that - do not bother applying.  But if you ARE someone who fully understands the high expectations of a loyal cleaning Maid/Submissive...   then go ahead, and apply!



It is more than self-explanatory what this vacancy is for.  Please do not waste both our time applying for this role unless you are absolutely certain you tick EVERY box on the "Criteria" list.

One of my most popular session requests is for FORCED BI.  

For those who don't understand... click on the link above to go to my Forced Bi page on this website for a better explanation.... Or Google it.  But if you DO have to Google it.. you will not be the right sub for me if you are thinking of applying for this role.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Forced Bi is an extremely popular fetish, often by very nervous subs.  The slave I require MUST be experienced AND confident in what he is being rented out to do.
  • Applicants MUST be prepared to book and tribute for at least ONE FORCED BI SESSION with my exisiting Forced Bi slave.  This is non-negotiable and is treated as a test of your abilities.  This will be offered to you at a slightly reduced tribute fee than a normal Forced Bi session.. Mistress will discuss this with you.
  • Mistress would prefer that you are relatively local to her Chambers, based between Wigan and Walkden.  This isn't compulsory but is much more convenient for shorter notice Forced Bi session requests.
  • You must have a reasonable physique and be over the age of 25.  You will be your representing your Mistress as you are used in session to fulfil the fantasy of "forced bi" for visiting subs, slaves and sissys.  I expect you to look reasonably good enough to now scare my visiting toys away!
  • You must have a reasonable size of penis.  No one is going to want to suck a babydick!  
  • You MAY remain hooded throughout your servitude time to me if you wish.
  • You must have excellent hygiene standards and be 100% D&D free.  All forced bi participation shall be protected at all times, regardless.  Mistress will check you before she releases you to her visiting toys.  If you are unclean, you will be punished severely, and replaced.
  • You must be fully understanding of the submissive role you will be taking aside me.  You wil NEVER take the lead in one of our sessions together.  I am the Mistress and at all times, you will take direction without question from me.  Your role is PURELY performing Forced Bi duties for me, hooded if preferred, as requested.

Yes, my standards are high and my criteria is strict - why would I settle for bacon when I am used to steak?  My current Forced Bi sub is nothing less than first class.  The lucky toy who gets this very special role with me must come very close to his high standards.... but if you do make it....  look forward to very fun, filthy kinky times with myself...  and my little Dream Team of subs, slaves and sissys - and I DON'T just mean in session.... webcam work with us... personal playtime with us... slave party servitude... the list goes on.

So now you know exactly what I require... if you feel YOU are the Forced Bi sub for me.. complete my form below and send it on asap!  


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