For the nervous, new or slightly more needful/scenario types among you, I offer “Meet and Greet” sessions.  These sessions are to offer you the opportunity to meet me in person to discuss potential session ideas or scenarios in depth.  Please be aware that there is absolutely NO PLAY WHATSOEVER during these sessions, and they are very much based on tea/coffee and chat.

The fee for a “Meet and Greet” is £50 for up to ONE HOUR which includes a calm ordinary atmosphere and a cup of tea or coffee.  These are perfect for some for several reasons:

  • You may be a brand new sub to BDSM who would like to find a way to calm their nerves and find out all about what happens in a session or scenario before actually booking one.  This would be perfect for you!
  • You may be seeking a much deeper connection or scenario that simply cannot take place in an ordinary session.  This could include; Full time ownership, Financial Domination scenarios, Sissification scenarios, Erotic Blackmail scenarios (where contracts can be discussed etc), TPE scenario (Total Power Exchange) where clearly the relationship here is ALL about talking and understanding each other’s needs, or perhaps a combination of several scenarios altogether.

Whatever your need or situation or need, if it is NOT a straight forward domination session of some type that you are seeking, a Meet and Greet session may very well be perfect for you!  Remember, there is NO PLAY in these sessions, so there really is nothing at all to worry about!  You will stay fully clothed and I will be wearing ordinary NON domination clothing.

Contact me in the first instance and be sure to mention MEET AND GREET if this is something you feel would be perfect for you.


Financial Domination is not something that anyone wants.  It is something that a select few NEED.  And I am a very experienced Mistress in financial domination. In my early years, I had a “sugar Daddy”.  And to some degree, I still do.  But now, they are sugar toys.

People come to me for financial domination for many different reasons.  But what they all have in common is a deep financial need to submit.  They work hard to earn their money and they save hard to watch it gather in their bank accounts.  But then they need satisfaction over what to do with it.

That is where I come in.  It’s like a match made in heaven.

As a Professional and Lifestyle Mistress, it is my right to be taken care of by those who serve me.  I have certain standards that I like to maintain, and financial domination with my submissives gives me the freedom to continue my chosen lifestyle.  And why shouldn’t I?  I am better than they are, stronger than they are and clearly worth more than they are in every way.  And they know it.

At any one time, I do not have more than 3 financial submissives (finsubs) to keep me amused and well taken care of.  I do not need more than that as I only allow quality over quantity in my life, regardless of the aspect.

There is nothing I love more than calling a submissive at work, reminding him that I shall be taking his money later that day.  I especially love this with my suited boys, as often, this could mean they are in meetings or otherwise unavailable when I call … how humiliating for them!  I adore how, just to stop me from calling back, they often use their works PC/laptops to make their payment to me from… in their desperation to stop me from calling back and any issues that could possibly arrise from an indiscriminate random telephone call.  For me, financial domination is very high on my favourite fetishes list due to the strong psychological aspect of it.. an area I am so extremely good at.

If you wish to serve me financially, simply CONTACT ME and we shall discuss your wishes. 

*Note: if you do contact me, do NOT ask me “how much do you want”.   Have an idea of your own financial situation before you contact me.  Otherwise, I will show you no mercy.. ever.  Minimum initial financial domination payment required – £50.  If you cannot afford this tiny amount – you should rethink your fetishes.


One of my favourite fetishes to live out with my subs and slaves is foot worship sessions along with shoe and boot worship.  I do love nothing more than having my feet thoroughly taken care of by a sub of mine.

I enjoy having my shoes or boots removed, my feet and legs massaged and if necessary thoroughly cleaned before my slave just spends lots of time on his knees admiring my beautiful feet then rubbing and smelling them.  I love to rest my feet on the backs of my slaves, or make them lay down as I rub them all over their face … that is a sight to behold!

If foot, shoe or boot fetish is the thing for you, then contact me today and let’s bring you in for a session with me to satisfy your need to feed.. on my feet!

Foot fetish sessions (only) can be as short as 30 minutes if you prefer.  These are the only sessions that I do where I allow short sessions.  ALL other fetishes are a minimum of 1 hour.

Foot fetish ONLY sessions (ie no other play.. just foot, shoe or boot fetish) are priced at £75 per half hour.

Contact Me with your Foot Fetish enquiries


My forced bi services are extremely popular; due to the fact that I now own my very own personal slave, who is utterly compliant in his desire to please.

My sub is mature, experienced and very willing to please.  How delightful!  He is a switch forced bi sub, so takes full direction from me in all sessions, taking either role as required.

Do remember my kinky creatures; my Forced Bi sessions usually require a minimum of 24 hours notice wherever possible.  Sessions are offered depending on my subs availability although occasionally same day bookings are possible, providing you call no later than 12pm.

Deposit required for ALL Forced Bi sessions to avoid any time wasting for my sub and I.

Want to enquire about my forced bi sessions or ANY of the other fetish sessions or scenarios that I enjoy?

CONTACT ME NOW and let us discuss it.

I do like my sessions for forced bi to last a little longer than one hour as I will of course want to warm you up myself first.  I tend to have my boys in the session with us, sitting quietly and patiently whilst I get you “prepared”.  This helps to build your tension.. and theirs!  I know.. how terribly naughty of me!

  • Want to fulfil that lifelong fantasy of being taken by a real man orally or anally?
  • Need to be taught by me how to suck REAL cock?
  • Dream of being “forced” into taking a cock up that tight ass of yours?
  • Or maybe you would just love to fuck a Sissy Slut…

Then you know what to do, my little plaything…  


Using my fabulous E-Stim system, I am more than equipped for electrics play - and in fact, it is one of my personal favourite fetishes!  If you have never tried it before, it begins as nothing more than a slight tingle.. but can be built up to cause a great amount of pain, if I show choose.  Perfect for beginners or seasoned subs alike, I guarantee you that you would absolutely squeal with delight on my Estim machine!  Used gently, It is perfect for anal, cock, ball or nipple teasing.. then pushed up to a much harder, deeper pain for a little torture play!

Or if you prefer something a little harder… we can turn it up a few notches!  No-one has yet managed to take it on full power… small but mighty all the way!

A little sounding goes beautifully with light electrics, one of my dear loyal subs tells me!

I have a new toy to play with.  My violet wand.  It eliminates a delicious deep red colour whilst giving you mild or more intense tiny electrical zaps.. wherever I choose to give them.

Violet wands are electrical sexual or kink stimulation toys. They are used for the application of low current, high voltage, high-frequency electricity to the body.  Many of you love the feel of my sharp nails running over your skin.. this feels similar when it’s on a high setting.  Otherwise it is perfect for mild non-painful sensation play.

Come and let you and I play with a little electrical stimuli and take your body and mind to heights you never thought possible!


One of my personal favourite fetishes is Chastity.  So it seems only natural that this be one of the fetishes I offer you either in person, online or a mixture of the two.  There is something very special about Chastity to me.  Apart from it being quite clearly, the easiest way to control you, only adding to your ownership desires, but it also allows you to stop thinking about erections, orgasms and other distractions, and instead focus your attention seamlessly between your professional life and your Mistress.

“But Mistress, I am married so cannot do Chastity” ...

You are wrong.  Granted, it isn’t the ideal situation, nor is it easy, but it is possible to only wear your device during your working hours and removing it yourself before returning home for the day.  That is where plastic numbered locks come in very useful indeed.  A little photo at the start and end of each day, show me you haven’t removed your device during the day, thus obeying my Chastity rules of concentrating on the things that matter the most instead… as above.

Long Distance / Online Chastity?  Not a problem.

Once again, plastic numbered locks are the ideal solution here.  You buy the device and the locks and pay only my weekly Chastity fee for your ownership.  As above, locks are photographed at the start and end of each day to prove it hasn’t been removed, and your Chastity continues whilst receiving all other instructions and tasks (if desired) from me.

Whatever your ideal situation or scenario, I am certain we can arrange something mutually entertaining!

  •  All chastity slaves will have to sign a contract stating the length of time they wish to remain in chastity for.  
  • Your contract will begin on the day I receive your key and will not end until the day you receive it back.  
  • Within the contract, there will be an option to end the contract early and have your key returned to you (for online slaves) registered fast post.  This option is obviously payable by you, details below.
  • Chastity fee’s vary depending on many factors including type and length of desired chastity.  
  • Fee’s start at £50 for 1 week Chastity with emails/Whatsapp/text etc for updates, tasks, etc.

Contact me for more information. 


I can now offer out-calls for myself to come and visit  you if you are unable to come to me.  There are many reasons why one may prefer an out-call.  Work / family commitments, inability to travel for any reason, preference and so on.  If this is you, I am quite happy to discuss the possibility of myself visiting you rather than you coming to me.

If you wish for me to visit you, you will be required to contact me to discuss my visit in detail.  There are of course strict rules that must be followed for a personal visit from me.  They are as follows.

  • YOU will pay all of my expenses from travelling costs, to anything I shall need but don’t already have whilst in your company.
  • I will ONLY accept hotel bookings.  NO home visits are offered at this moment in time.  This booking must be made in YOUR personal name and not mine.
  • All Outcalls are a minimum of 2 hours.
  • On top of all of my travelling costs, you will of course also be expected to tribute accordingly.  Remember, if I am travelling to you, you are basically tributing for my entire time.
  • 50% of the agreed tribute fee is required upfront via direct bank transfer before I will accept your booking.
  • If a flight is required, I shall personally arrange this, but you will send the required flight fee’s upfront.  Proof of flight and other travel costs shall be sent to you before booking.
  • All other details shall be discussed beforehand via email.  Once we have agreed everything in principle, you shall be expected to provide all travel costs upfront along with your 50% deposit.
  • Security checks will be done before I agree to travel.  I will wish to see the following;
    • ​The Hotel booking confirmation in your OWN name.
    • A copy of photograph ID of yours (passport/driving licence numbers can be hidden – I just need to see name, address and photograph on an official document).
    • Flights, trains etc must be prebooked with a copy of the details also sent to me.

CONTACT ME  to discuss your requirements.


“True Submission starts from your brain – not at the end of a cane”


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