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Whilst the current Covid pandemic is on, I am unable to offer any KINKY  KIDNAP scenarios that involve outdoor scenes.

As soon as this situation changes, this message will be removed and these debauched kidnap sessions will resume!

The scene.

You are loitering on a street where you have been told to wait.  The street is quiet, barely anyone around.  You have no knowledge of what is about to happen... until it happens.

You get a phone call... someone mundane discussing something unimportant.  You're distracted and don't hear the car pull alongside you.  A dark bag is over your head before you can turn around, phone snatched out of your hand and before you know it, you're being forced into the back footwell of a car.  A strong, firm hand holds your head in place.  You feel the nails digging into the back of your head... hear whispers of things that might happen to you soon...

The car drives and drives.. you're disoriented and have no idea where you are.  Eventually, the car stops, doors open and you are forcibly dragged out of the car.  Handcuffed, you are pushed hurriedly along until you reach a standstill and the bag is removed from your head.  

Before you, stands the Mistress.  Your crimes are read out to you there and then and you are very much aware that you are in unfamiliar surroundings of an unknown location and at her mercy until she decides to release you.  There's no way out and you quickly realise you have no option but take whatever is coming to you.

She might cane you hard... repeatedly.  Or she might just spend hours torturing you for all of your misdemeanours. 

When will it end? 

What is going to happen to you? 

Only Mistress knows.


Hooded, questionned and probed, forcing you to divulge all of your darkest secrets.. all for my own entertainment.


Dominated by a strong, naturally dominant Professional AND Lifestyle Mistress.


Teased, tortured and pushed to your limit - when will it stop?  When will I let you go IF I let you at all...

Kinky Kidnaps are not restricted to just yourself.

Bring your partner... OR.. have my *Slave girl play the role of your partner instead! 

(*Slave girl content will incur an extra fee).

Be the "married couple" being snatched off the street and violated by the strong, superior Mistress.

Watch your "girlfriend" be taken, abused and fucked by another woman...OR man! (Sir J)

With so many options open to me - Kinky Kidnap is most certainly a session with me that you will never, ever forget.​​​​​​​


As written by the slave, upon his eventual release.

We had discussed a brief outline beforehand and I was asked what fetishes I enjoyed, although it was explained that as I was being kidnapped and punished, what would happen was going to be a surprise.

The background I requested was that. I am a Peeping Tom and pervert who has been watching from the bushes outside the nurses home, hoping to see them undress and play with each other. I had been spotted, but rather than informing the police, it was decided to follow me, kidnap me and teach me a lesson I would never forget.

I was instructed where to park my car and given a route to follow without ever turning around. I’d been walking for about five minutes when out of nowhere something that felt like a gun was pushed in my back and a woman’s hushed voice whispered in my ear. “Don’t turn round if you know what’s good for you!”

A car pulled up alongside us and simultaneously a hood was pushed over my head. I was pushed into the back seat and forced into the well as the car sped off, my hands being cuffed and a blanket thrown over me. I tried protesting, saying that they had the wrong man. I offered them money to let me go, but the woman’s voice growled: “Shut up or things will be worse for you!”

I was driven around for some time. I tried to remember which way we turned, but was completely disorientated by not being able to see and had no idea where we were. (I still don’t know where they took me!) Eventually, the car pulled up and I heard metal gates opening. The car was reversed in and the rear door opened. I was dragged out of the back seat and warned not to say anything or make a noise as I was manhandled through a door that slammed ominously behind me. I was marched up two flights of stairs and pushed to the floor. The cuffs were removed and I was ordered to strip, but keep the hood on. As I started to protest, what I thought was the gun was pushed into my ribs and the same female voice hissed “Just do as you are told and it will be less painful.”

A collar was buckled around my neck and, after I felt leather straps being fastened around my wrists and ankles, I was clipped to something to keep me in place. All this time I was kept hooded, so I was blinded when it was removed and I found a bright light shining into my face. As I got used to being able to see again, I found that I was looking at a gorgeous woman dressed head to toe in a tight leather outfit. I had been filled with nervous anticipation up to that point, but the sight of her brought a stirring down below and I felt an erection starting to grow, even more so when I realised that I was in a dungeon packed with toys and equipment.

What followed was a fantastic session with a mixture of pleasure and pain including a spanking, strapon, electrics and lots of pleasurable toys. I’d also requested forced bi, supposedly as retribution for wanting to see two nurses having sex together. Eventually, I couldn’t hold back any longer with everything that she had done to my cock and I exploded with the most fantastic orgasm.

I thought that would be the end, but the kidnap scenario continued as I was made to dress, then hooded and taken back to the car. I was driven back to where I was first captured and pushed out with a warning that I should now have learned my lesson and had better not do it again.

Have I learned a lesson? You bet I have!

Will I go perving at the nurses home again to have this repeated? Nothing will keep me away unless it’s another scenario that will lead me to another kidnapping. Maybe next time I’ll be a spy, or in debt to a loan shark, or I’ve touched the woman in the supermarket, or …….. Just use your imagination.

Kinky Kidnap Fee

£300 - 1.5 hr minimum.

Due to the nature of this scenario, a minimum of 1.5 hrs is needed for this fetish interest.  The basic Kinky Kidnap package begins at *£300 - 90 mins.

This consists of collecting you from a location to be discussed.

*Please note:  Your 90 mins begin from the moment you are collected - NOT from when you arrive at the kidnap destination.  Please bear this in mind when choosing the length of your kidnap stay.

Snatched, hooded, cuffed and pushed into a car back seat - you will be driven to an undisclosed location.  You would then be stripped, taunted, teased and tortured for 1 hour by myself, Mistress Nichol - before being pushed to quickly dress, re-hooded and dropped by at the location you were collected from.  

This is the basic kidnap package.  Any legal variation of this could take place but will possibly incur a higher fee depending on these varied factors.  Contact with full details of your desired scenario to discuss.

"Seeing you scared and tormented is what really turns me on..."

CONTACT ME NOW to enquire.


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