It’s a very specialised fetish.

You know if it’s for you or not.

No one can coerce you into it.

And if it’s not for you then you won’t understand it.

But I do.​

Financial Domination is not something that anyone wants.  It is something that a select few NEED.  And I am a very experienced Mistress in financial domination. In my early years, I had a “sugar Daddy”.  And to some degree, I still do.  But now, they are sugar toys.

People come to me for financial domination for many different reasons.  But what they all have in common is a deep financial need to submit.  They work hard to earn their money and they save hard to watch it gather in their bank accounts.  But then they need satisfaction over what to do with it.

“That is where I come in … like a match made in heaven”.

As a Professional AND Lifestyle Mistress (check out my Forced Bi page to see my full time slave in action), it is my right to be taken care of by those who serve me.  I have certain standards that I like to maintain, and financial domination with my submissives gives me the freedom to continue my chosen lifestyle.  And why shouldn’t I?  I am better than they are, stronger than they are and clearly worth more than they are in every way.  And they know it.

At any one time, I do not have more than 3 financial submissives (finsubs) to keep me amused and well taken care of.  I do not need more than that as I only allow quality into my life.

What does it cost?

Option 1:

An agreed amount with a cap.  

Some subs seek a regular agreement where they pay me a set amount each week or month for an agreed amount of time.  

Do NOT come at me with financial servitude offers of less than £100 per week.  That is not financial domination.  That’s spending money for a 10 year old.  Go seek yourself another Mistress who is easily amused if you have less than £100 a week to offer.

You might or might not require tasks to do.  I do not enjoy giving tasks for financial domination as that requires effort from me and in the case of financial domination, the only effort I shall be putting in is that which is required to take and spend your money from you.  

But if you really feel tasks are necessary perhaps as punishment for example, then it can be arranged.

Option 2:


It COULD cost you everything you have.  (This is virtually TPE.. Total Power Exchange).  

Some financial subs come to me looking for complete and total HARD FINANCIAL RUINATION.  I am absolutely more than happy to provide this if it is what you need the most.  

Where are my limits?  I have none.  I will, if you ask me to, take absolutely every penny you own, all for myself.  I will take your car, your home, and your family in the process if need be…

I do not show mercy, I do not feel guilty, in fact I genuinely couldn’t care less who I trample on to get your money from you.  

But I won’t fight you for it.

 You will give it to me freely without coercion from me as you know full well I deserve it far more than you.  I don’t’ care about your partner or your kids.  I will happily take their pocket money too without a care in the world.  And I will even gleefully send you photographs of what I spend your money on.  Your dull wife and whining children are of absolutely no interest to me and I will walk all over the lot of you to take what is rightfully mine…. IF you ask me to.

Findom In-Person?

This too can be arranged.  I have a finsub now whom I collect in person from each and every month.  

I go to his office where I have a regular monthly meeting with him.  

His colleagues believe I am a regular stationary buyer..

I love to squeeze his little clitty that’s all wrapped up in his chastity device every time we meet.. as I take the cash out of his hands.  

Even though he is erect as I take the envelope, I always find whats in my hand is fatter than whats in his chastity device!  It’s so amusing!  

And I make sure he knows that as I whisper what I really think of him in his ear.  

And we do this every single month!

So you see, whatever your needs are for financial domination, I will absolutely make sure that what you get from me is hard, real, and extremely calculated.  

It is your duty to fulfil my financial needs, and you can be certain that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to make sure you pay just as you should to your Mistress.  

And be prepared for the euphoric and fear mixed feeling as you watch me “sashay” away with your money in my bag, leaving you with nothing, just as you deserve.​

Looking for more extreme Financial Domination?

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Extreme Blackmail & Financial Domination


for further information on Financial Domination.

If I find you worthy, I will be happy to discuss your arrangement with you.  

I look forward to taking your money from you soon, one way or another.


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