For the majority of my playtoys, ONE Mistress is more than enough.

But now and then, one of you boys really seems to enjoy far more than he can handle...

That's where my ALL NEW DOUBLE DOMME sessions come in.

I now have the pleasure of introducing you to the stunning Mistress Missy!

Mistress Missy - the blonde bombshell - brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and sheer class to our Double Domme sessions.  With her delectable, devilish nature and my strictly sassy attitude... you are sure to have a Double Domme session with us that you shall never forget. 

But there's more....

Mistress Missy is a VERY special Mistress in so many many ways...


For example:  want to give some VERY personal body worship on one Mistress whilst being directed how to do it by another? - No problem!

There are so many naughty and debauched things both Mistress Missy and I can do to you, you really have no idea what's coming your way in a double domme session with us two.

*Double Domme - Double Domination

*Kidnap husband/wife scenarios

*Kinky "home invasion"

... to name but a few possible scenarios including myself and Mistress Missy...

"The possibilities only end with your imagination"

DOUBLE DOMME Sessions are available at the following times:

Mon - Fri : 7pm - 9pm

Sat - Sun : 11am - 8pm

Very occasionally, arrangments can be made to have your Double Domme session during the day...  if this is the time you need, contact me today to discuss.  A daytime  DOUBLE DOMME session, IF possible, will depend on Mistress Missy's availability.

Double Domme sessions by pre-arranged appointment ONLY.

DOUBLE DOMME FEE - £250 per hr.

£100 Deposit required to book Double Domme sessions.

Ready to play?

Contact Me Now

to discuss your preferred scenario.


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