Whilst the current Covid pandemic is on, I am unable to offer my Sissy Slave for hire by herself OR as part of a session with me.

As soon as this situation changes, this message will be removed and Bi sessions will resume!

Regular visitors to my website or my Twitter will be more than aware of Slave, Sissy Kitty who has numerous mentions across the board.  

Slave Sissy Kitty, for those who are not aware, is my personal Slave, and as such, serves many purposes for me.  Kitty is my Maid for my home as well as my Chambers, and slave is my driver whenever I wish to be taken or collected from somewhere.   Slave Sissy Kitty is also my highly experienced and very eager Forced Bi slave for when some oral, ass or sissy pussy is requested… and now.. she is available for personal hire!


A few of her photos are available below, but if you want to see the REALLY naughty, debauched photos of her, then continue reading to find out how...  Be warned though;  Sissy Kitty is the filthiest, naughty Kitty ever!  She never misses a drop..  Locked in Chastity, she is happy to be the bottom to your top whenever you feel the need for a little Kitty to stroke.. and with her many years Bi experience, there is nothing she will not do to please you!

As my personal slave, I have trained Kitty up to who she is now and she is ready and available for you to hire her to fulfil any of your needs.  She is puncutual, tenacious about any task she sets her mind to and will always ensure her “Hirer” is completely satisfied with her work, in every way!

A very well dressed PVC Maid – Kitty is ideal home cleaning companion “with a difference”.  Have her clean your home.. then tend to YOUR every need for as long as you need her.

She is completely happy to tend to ALL of your needs whether you are male or female.

In Calls AND Out Calls are available!

Sissy Kitty cleaning my toys, like a good little sissy should!

Sissy Kitty being a poser.  She’s such a show off – with NO inhibitions whatsoever!

Sissy Kitty is a real good little scrubber – whichever meaning of the word you like to use!

Slutty Kitty doing what she does best.

Kitty being a little leather slut.

Kitty showing her frilly panties off..

Want to contact my Slave Sissy Kitty directly?

Send an email to :

All genuine enquiries will be answered.

In calls AND out calls available.

OR click below for Sissy Kittys

Adult Work Profile

for more information regarding all of Slave Sissy Kittys services offered, rates, photo galleries, blog and so much more!

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SUB or DOM – You choose!

How fortunate am I to own a Switch slave?!  As I am a Lifestyle Mistress as well as a Pro Mistress, naturally, I have my own slave.  And I am fortunate enough to have my own slave to serve whatever purpose I need.

My slave comes with many years of experience both serving others as well as dominating them.  So if you should be looking for something other than a Sissy Maid, my Slave would be more than happy to wear his harness and chastity device, and serve you however you wish.  Or you may wish for him to dominate YOU instead!  My slave has his own collection of the most gentle to painful toys and implements that he would be more than happy to demonstrate on you!  

Want to know more?  Contact my slave by going via his ADULT WORK PROFILE containing all of his contact details, or using the email address above to contact him directly.


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