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Hello my kinky darlings


At the moment, there is a lot of talk here, there and everywhere, as we all know, regarding certain places in the UK in lockdown once again.

I want to clarify for you, I am NOT currently in any type of lockdown and so, I am currently FULLY OPEN FOR SESSIONS!

There are certain fetishes that I cannot currently offer to you for one reason or another.  These are listed below.  If your desired interest is NOT on this list, then IT IS AVAILABLE AS NORMAL.

Currently unavailable fetish interests:

Double Domme

ANY of my vacancies fulfilment

Body Worship

Kinky Kidnap

Overnight Sessions

Spit (in mouth) fetish

Most other fetishes are on offer as usual.  This includes Forced / Coerced Bi.  If you are unsure, just ask!



Here's what I am doing during these times of uncertainty in order to keep both YOU and MYSELF as safe as possible.

Hand sanitizer and face masks are supplied for you, should you require them.  I also have masks for myself should I require myself to wear one.  At this present moment in time, I have NOT at any time been exposed to COVID.  Obviously, if you are showing (or have in the last 14 days) ANY signs of illness whatsoever, I ask that you respect me enough to NOT visit me until the 14 days have fully passed.  

I am currently ONLY sessioning every 3 days.

This allows time for sanitizing and cleaning my private chambers as fully as I am able to between sessions and also allows time for any possible infection on myself to become apparent.  This will reduce the chance of myself being infected and passing it on to you, my subs, slaves and adoring playthings. 

If you wish to book, call me between 9am - 8pm Mon - Sun to discuss your desired fetish interests for sessions.  

Until then - Stay Safe, Stay Kinky!

I look forward to taunting and toying with you soon ...


« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 11th October 2020

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