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FINALLY my darlings... I AM BACK!!

After a long, frustrating few months, my chambers are now FULLY OPEN offering EVERYTHING as I did before lockdown, with any obviously necessary precautions in place.

I am a Mistress... NOT a mind reader though.  If you feel you are in ANY way symptomatic, please do not visit me.  

Handsantiser and face masks are available for you to use if you feel you would be happier using them, free of charge.

Please also note that I am only sessioning (for the next few weeks) every few days, leaving 1 or 2 days in between each session day for sanitisation.  

CONTACT ME when you are ready to session and I will absolutely be happy to fit you in.

As an added note:  both my SLAVE GIRL and FORCED BI  services are now available once more!!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Mistress Nichol


« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 1st July 2020

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