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Hello my darling kinksters

I do hope you are all keeping well and safe, along with your families.  It's not often a Mistress will bring families into things... but at this time, with the COVID thing going on, I do hope you are all doing as you should and keeping yourselves as safe as you possibly can.

To cheer you up a little, here' what I, your incredible Mistress has been up to!

FANCLUB - I have a brand new FANCLUB to keep you all entertained.. whilst in the process, allowing you to pay a regular very small monthly fee by way of showing a little appreciation to your Mistress.  I have many photos and video clips that I simply cannot post anywhere else as they are just either too naughty or too explicit.  Now I have somewhere to post them.  It's still in its fledgeling stage ... but being added to daily as I trawl through all of my debauched material.

IWANTCLIPS - As well as my normal ClipsFatale video clips site, I also now have an international page on where I can post all manner of naughty and filthy debauched clips for your amusement... click the link to head over there and see what you fancy!

TRIBUTEME - As well as an all updated Tributes page, you can now also tribute me directly simply by clicking the Tribute me button on my website found on various pages.  Most of you will now have more cash in your pockets than ever before due to not being able to visit me in session - sending me little tributes either by clicking on My Tributes page links.. or simply using my bank info, is the perfect way to show your true adoration and servitude to your Mistress.  Don't by shy my toys.. head on over there now by clicking the link above.

MYSHOP - Finally, I now have a little shop of my own allowing you to buy all manner of goodies from me - Ms Nichols Naughties!!  Again, this is brand new and being added to almost daily at the moment.  From worn underwear and boots to more personal items such as my Mistress spit.. or even a bottle of my "special Champagne".. if it can be bottled... you can buy it!  Or want something I haven't yet advertised?  Message me to request it and I will set up a private sale, just for you!

IWANTPHONE - Also part of my IWant..profile, I now bring you the ease of being able to contact me for telephone sessions simply by clicking on the link above.  If I am offline, you can send me a message through this portal which will give me some idea of the time and subject matter you would enjoy the most on a phone call with me.  So get on it!!


In the meantime, don't forget it's still more than possible to continue with my Coerced Blackmail fetishes just as it was before this Pandemic.  I can still force you to do whatever I want (within Gov restrictions) just to entertain and please me... so what are you waiting for?!

Stay safe my kinky darlings - and I will see you as soon as I am back!!


« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 4th April 2020

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