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My kinky darlings, it seems only right that I give you my update and take on the Covid 19 outbreak, and where I stand on that as far as sessions go.

I have had NO contact with Coronvirus / Covid 19 and intend to keep it that way. This means I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL until the government tell me otherwise.

If you are wanting to visit me, please know that unless I am heading to my chambers, I am not venturing outside my home and therefore possibly putting myself at any risk of getting the virus.  So, unless YOU are carrying it, YOU ARE PERFECTLY SAFE VISITING ME!

But I want to make you aware that I have Lupus (a compromised immune system thing) and Asthma. This means I am in the "at risk" group of people whom the virus would greatly affect.  So if you are in ANY doubt whatsoever, please don't visit until you know you are completely clear.

My normal working hours will continue providing YOU are safe to visit.  If you want to visit and you know for a fact you are safe, then please do pick up the phone and come and see me.  The risk of visiting a Mistress to you is extremely minimal in any case as the vast majority of us, myself included, always wear latex disposable gloves as a norm and disinfect everything regularly and that will continue regardless.

So give me a call, lets play and do what we love to do!  

Stay safe - stay well.. and I will see you very soon!

Mistress Nichol (MsNx)

« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 15th March 2020

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