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I am offering you an incredible evening of viewing for your voyeuristic pleasure!

For 2 hours, I will be sessioning with my slave girl, Missy.

I am offering YOU the chance to watch this session, LIVE, either IN PERSON or Via Live Streaming.

Places are strictly limited for this very special evening!



A small group of selected applicants will be invited to watch this session, in person, LIVE at my Chambers in Leigh (WN7 area).  If preferred, you may choose to be hooded with a thin lycra hood (which I will be happy to provide you with) whilst watching this session in order to keep your anonymity.

For one hour, you will watch me bring in my slave girl and strip her, whilst I stand in my leather finest, and taunt and tease her, exploring every hole she has fully.... until she explodes in front of your eyes...(figuratively speaking)!  If you have visited me before, you will know what a vast array of toys and implements I have that can ensure my girl has a night with me she doesn't forget for a very long time - all for YOUR viewing pleasure!

Strapon's, dildo's, electrics, spanking and caning, insertions, medical play.... you name it, I will put her through it... all so that you may be entertained the most deliciously debauched Mistress/sub show, as it happens!


It is my intention to also live stream this show as well as live stream it over the internet.  So if you prefer to view this show from the comfort of your phone/laptop etc, then keep your eyes peeled on my website for further information coming over the next few days regarding how to make this possible!


To find out more, or log your interest in this very special evening, CONTACT ME HERE and let me know!

Further information will be coming soon to my website.  Keep checking my blog for info!



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