Forced is a naughty word, apparently

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Sometimes, red tape and bollocks really does just piss me right off.

Anyone in the scene will have heard the term "Forced Bi" before.  If you were out in the Real World (RW) any sexual activity that uses the term "forced" is quite obviously NOT a good thing.  That is called Rape and that is NOT the kind of activity we take any part in whatsoever.

However, there is a little phrase that the do-gooders have decided they no longer like.  And if we wish to remain at least someway partially socially acceptable, we are not to use the term "Forced Bi".

Well that's awkward... as it's my personal biggest request from you naughty subs!

Anyone in the kink knows very well what the term "Forced Bi" means.  IT'S NOT REAL!!!  People don't visit a Mistress / Dominatrix because they want to be raped.  They come to be controlled... sometimes in a forceful way!  But its YOU who sets the initial boundaries and limits.  Not me.  The control is in my hands during our session... but until that point, YOU are in control of exactly how you want it!  There's nothing truly "forced" about it!

If you come to me and ask for this, you have consented fully.  There is nothing forced about it, and well know it.  But regardless, we are still very much frowned upon for using this term.  So, I have decided to please the snowflakes and no longer use the term "Forced" on my website, social media or anywhere else.  From now on, this activity shall be known as "Coerced Bi".  Silly isn't it!  But now you know.


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Posted on 7th December 2019

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