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Good evening my darling playthings

I have been a little unwell of late my toys... I have been dealing with a nasty case of flu with a real decent cough as an added extra, for a few weeks now.  I can now finally confirm that I am on the mend and back in Chambers as from a few days ago.  

Please do remember; If you are suffering from any type of cough or cold.. do not visit me until you are completely clear and well again!  Whilst I love to toy with your body fluids.. anything that comes out of your nose or mouth (sneezing etc) I do NOT want to share!  If you DO turn up with cough or cold signs, please be aware that I am highly likely going to cancel your appointment on the spot.  You see my toys... I have Lupus.  This is a condition that loves to spank my immune system even harder than I love to spank YOU!!  So you get a cold for a few days... I get flu for a month!  No germs allowed... of any kind!


But on a happier note.. to celebrate being well again.. I have included below a few recent photos I thought you may like to see!

Don't forget I have full access to my slave-girl now on a regular basis.. as well as my Forced Bi sub who is just aching to have his cock sucked at any time of the day or evening!  What a naughty, filthy but bloody delightful little team of kinkys I have!!

See you soon...


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Posted on 23rd October 2019

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