The Twisted Sisters

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Due to popular demand, I have decided to now bring this lady on board with me to give you the hellish time of your life if you come to worship us both at any time!

This is my REAL LIFE Sister, Mistress Candy!!!

Want to session with 2 Sister Mistresses?

Or maybe even have a TRIPLE DOMME session with myself, Mistress Missy and Mistress Candy?

We can certainly tick all of your boxes now if you're looking for a Kinky Kidnap scenario... and I can always bring one of my male slaves in too, just to really fuck with your head!

Find out all about Mistress Candy and our Twisted Sister Double Domme sessions by clicking on the link below.


Contact Me Here if you want to ask me something... Or Book The Twisted Sisters for our amusement and fulfilment...



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