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As the title suggests, I am looking for a Forced Bi filming slave.

If you haven't already.. and you are interested in forced bi.. take a look at my latest Forced Bi session in full graphic detail with my post .. CLICK HERE.

Ideally you are the following

*VERY interested and happy with full on Forced Bi acitvities

*Understand the meaning of Forced Bi .. anal AND oral

*Very clean and well groomed

*Happy and able to take both oral and anal, as the scene will require both!

*MOST IMPORTANTLY - be experienced!!  This is NOT a position for a brand new Forced Bi slave.  The person I need with be a complete slut and know exactly what to expect when my well hung Forced Bi slave appears in front of you.

You will also understand that this is NOT a free session, but you WILL get a *huge discount on the price of it.  

*Please note  If you are NOT experienced, don't book and waste your money!  I will know... trust me.

To apply for this role, CONTACT ME NOW with a list of your availability over the next couple of weeks.



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