Back after a few days off - and a new treat!!

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Good afternoon my darlings

I do not talk about my private life.  But on this occasion, I have been away for a few days without answering calls and I shall briefly explain the reason as a few people have messaged me asking after me... and making assumptions which were incorrect.

To set the record straight... I have simply had a few days off due to a very close family bereavement.  As from Thursday 4th April.. I am back in full time, as always, and back answering your delightful calls and messages.

I decided to welcome myself back in good style!  I have treated myself to a new electrics unit!  You lovely toys who love your electrics play / CBT with me, will know that I have been wanting to upgrade my unit for a while now.  Well, now I have!

I have just treated myself to a spanking new E-Stim Pebble XPF!  This unit comes with both anal / vaginal and cock attachments... and I cannot wait to try it out on YOU !!

I am available this week.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. so get your appointment booked NOW whilst you can!!



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