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There is now a nice new page on my website, my loyal toys.

I assure you, a vacancy arising within my very loyal, naughty little stable is extremely rare!  But when it does, you will find all the detailed information here, on my SUB VACANCIES PAGE 

The only vacancies I have at any time are advertised on that page.  If it is not on that page, I do not need it.

So.. to clarify...  I do NOT need any of the following:

  • A permanent live in slave who's willing to sell his entire world for me. (Seriously?  Give it up...  the begging is boring).
  • A personal sex slave - (WHY would a Mistress like myself want to allow a SLAVE to go anywhere near this divine body??  Behave yourself and get back on your knees where you belong!)
  • A personal slave - I have my 5* slave already - My Sissy Kitty.

... Or any other type of "slave" that is going to basically take up my valuable time asking ridiculous questions that have no substance or truth!

But... if you feel that you fit perfectly the strict requirements for either of my current vacancies.. Slave/Maid and Forced Bi Slave...complete my application form for either of those roles... or the extra Financial Servitude role, and send it over to me. 

Remember, only apply if you absolutely tick all of those boxes!  Only potentially successful applicants shall be contacted.

I look forward to welcoming you to my naughty little team soon...



« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 11th August 2018

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