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A set of new vacancies are soon to be advertised on my website, my dear loyal visitors.

These posts will be open for applications shortly.  Applications received before they are open shall be deleted.

Check back shortly on my website for an updated post with a link to my vacancy applications area.



Maid / Cleaner - A cleaner / maid is required to clean and tidy my chambers and dungeon on a regular basis.  2 hours once a fortnight - and you will of course tribute £50 for the privilege of being allowed to handle Mistress's toys, belongings, underwear etc.. as you clean and make everything fabulous for my next Prey to enter my Dungeon.  


Forced Bi Slave - As it states, I am looking for another Forced Bi slave to join my little stable of pets.  This is a very specific vacancy and I am looking for someone with certain qualities. *Be aware! - Potential applicants will be required to have a minimum of one tributable session to be considered for this role. NO EXCEPTIONS*  I request that you refrain from applying for this vacancy if you do not fit the required criteria to avoid wasting both our time.  Further information will be available soon on my main website. 

Look for a post in the next day or so on this Blog giving you specific vacancy info .. and how to apply.


Financial Servitude Slave - This week alone, 3 of you have called wanting financial servitude from a Mistress such as I.  Is there something wrong with you that you feel I am a Mistress who would be thrilled at the idea of finding a £20 Amazon gift voucher in her email?  I barely notice them!!  Financial domination and servitude is quite clearly something that a great many of my loyal visitors enjoy.  But it's absolutely NOT something that just anyone can do... not and do it well anyway.  

So, I have just one space of 3 left to fill.  I do not need an army of financial slaves because the ones I hand pick are of the highest quality.  They fully understand the need to submit their hard earned money to a Mistress like myself.. and they know in return, that I fully understand their need for me to take their money for myself.  And I do.  Often.

If you wish to apply for this role, Mistress Nichol will expect you to peak her interest in your application to ensure that you stand out from the crowd of cheap, disrespectful financial subs.


ALL vacancies, including their APPLICATIONS OPEN date,  shall be on my main website very soon, including further details for each vacancy. 

Any applications received BEFORE the stated open date shall not be considered.

As for ALL vacancies, only those applicants who Mistress deems possibly suitable for the role shall be contacted.  

MsN x

« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 5th August 2018

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