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You know that your Mistress adores the gifts that you send to me my darling.  Whatever they are, you are well aware that Mistress enjoys all gifts, but particularly those that the sub or slave knows that I want... NOT just gifts the buyer wants to see me wearing!  Cute as that may be, that type of gift is mainly for your self-gratification.. and not a symbol of pure admiration for your Mistress.

If the gift is from one of my wishlists, then you can be assured it is something I want.

Up until now, I have only had Amazon gifts for you to choose from.  But now, I have finally added an ALL NEW WISHLIST to my WISHLISTS AND GIFTS page.


You all know that your Mistress LOVES to wear leather!!  It suits me, I wear it beautifully and I simply adore the way it feels against my skin!  And the turn on I feel when wearing a good leather outfit whilst in session is second to none!

So... if you would love to buy me a beautiful quality leather outfit to wear in my sessions, click on my WISHLISTS AND GIFTS page and go to my LEATHER WISHLIST.

Choose the gift you wish to buy me, then simply send your payment for my gift - contact me to ask how if you don't already know.

I cannot wait to show off my gift outfits... it's such a turn on knowing my darlings will be paying for them for me.  But then, I deserve it after all!


« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 30th July 2018

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