My Forced Bi Page is now LIVE once more!

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Hello my kinky darlings

I do hope you are enjoying taking a look around my full revamped website!

Missing some stuff you loved to visit before the update?  Keep reading..

All of my main fetishes shall, over the next few days, have pages of their own, each containing more detail on that particular fetish.

This website is of course my brand new one, and my old one is no longer accessible to you.

For you boys and kinksters that were missing my FORCED BI page, here it is now, listed neatly under MY FETISHES page.

But for those who are concerned (you filthy toys!) that they are missing out on the regular updates for specific pages, don’t despair.  Keep checking on my blog here and as soon as new pages are added, I will update them.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on MY TWITTER too as I do love to share updates there in case you miss them here.

If in doubt – Keep checking MY FETISHES page for your favourite full descriptive page to be added.  If it was there before, it shall be there again soon!

MsN x

« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 3rd December 2017

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