Mistress is under the weather - but good news comes!

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Urgh!!  It seems that my perfect self has managed to pick up some germs from somewhere and I now have a bit of a cough and cold, my divine dears.  So I am taking just a couple of days off to recouperate.  Even though I have no doubt that some of you kinksters would enjoy it.. I have no wish to sneeze all over any of you!  I am still taking bookings as normal though.. just not sessioning again until Wednesday 18th July at this moment in time.

BUT - I do have some good news.

After a successful time with my previous female slave, I have now begin to work with another gorgeous and highly experienced femslave!

Once she is available to you, you will see lots of posts and pics all about her right here on my website.  Keep on eye on MY FEMALE SLAVE page for an update coming very soon!!

In the meantime, make yourselves useful and buy me a gift from My Amazon UK Wishlist to cheer me up and make me feel better.  I deserve it far more than you, even on my worst day!

Remember - Amazon gifts will come directly to me and can remain anonymous if you wish.  Alternatively, add a note to your gift to tell me who you are so I may thank you directly if I wish to.

Kinky kisses


« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 15th July 2018

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