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Good afternoon my dears

Heres an easy roundup of my latest news.  Just click on the links to read more information about any piece of news!


Extended Hours now in operation.

One of my recent posts stated that I was now in a position to be able to offer you extended chambers opening hours.  To repeat that information, I am now available at the following times.

Usual hours are :

Between 10am - 8pm Mon - Friday.  

Sat and Sun - 11am - 6pm.

Sessions outside of those hours ARE available for an extra session surcharge of £50.

Extended hours are:  Mon - Fri between 7am - 10am  AND 8pm - Midnight.  Sat - Sun between 6pm - 10pm


Kinky Kidnaps are taking off rather nicely!  You playthings really do have a thirst to be snatched away from a quiet, suburban street - hooded and bundled into the footwell of a car before being taken to an undisclosed location; tormented, teased and tortured for any length of time before dumping your spent body and brain back where you were snatched from!  


My Slave Girl is really creating a bit of a stir too!  I can now use her for any manner of session types.  Whether she be giving you a slave girl "girlfriend" experience, a Mistress working alongside myself (but this one you can actually fuck), your "wife" in your kidnap experience.. watching Mistress tie her up, use and abuse her... or any other variation you can think of (that's legal!)  Her availability is rather good at the moment so do contact me asap if you wish to discuss something such as this.


Plus MANY more video clips AND real session stories coming soon!!  

Keep checking back for more ... there's always more to come, one way or another...



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