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Hello my playthings

I bring you now some seemingly unexpected but VERY exciting news!

When I moved into my former chambers, I did so always knowing that the move would quite probably be temporary.  I wanted to expand.. such was the demand.. and expand I did.  Unfortunately, it seems that I vastly underestimated the level of demand that I would find from my new and loyal subjects, and as such, realised very quickly indeed that more space was needed!

After a couple of very successful slave parties, It quickly became clear that with all my new equipment and fetish furniture, there was not enough room for me to have the kind of Slave parties I really wanted.  So I immediately started to look for new chambers that would far better suit my needs.

I am pleased to announce that the search is now over and within the next few days, I shall be installed in far superior Chambers in Tyldesley (M29).  My website will of course be updated in due course with info and photos, to reflect this permanent, brand new change.

My new chambers will feature the following ALL NEW facilities – some of which will be available immediately, while others shall be available very soon, in due course (my blog is the place to watch for regular updates!)

  • Full shower facilities

  • Great parking facilities

  • Private discrete entrance

  • Third floor, so no uninvited noises or interruptions

  • Overnight / Extended stays

  • Slave parties

  • Female slaves to play with

  • Sissy / TV parties

  • Kinky “Dinner” events

  • A range of clothing to wear whilst in session

  • The ability to store YOUR kinky items with me safely until you visit again

  • Voyeur events

Plus so much more!!


I fully intended to celebrate this news by holding a slave party!!

The inaugural Slave Party itself, the date and all other details will be confirmed shortly, but trust me, this is NOT one you want to miss!

Slaves to play with – INCLUDING a FemSlave, Live Demonstrations with slaves and myself, Mistress Nichol, plus much more naughty debauchery and full control!

On this VERY SPECIAL occasion, I shall be assisted by my TV Domme, Mistress Kitty. Although she will be playing under my general direction, she is a cock hungry Mistress and sometimes gets carried away.

Please be aware of this..  I am expecting a high demand for places for this incredible event, so if you wish to be one of the lucky select few who are to be part of this divine event, you are advised to contact me immediately, with details of why you should be one of my lucky invites to this Exclusive event.

If you do not get a place this time, do not despair. I am planning to hold further slave parties on a regular basis and you will be offered a place on one of these. 
I look forward to your comments, my playthings, either directly on my website or simply by sending me a message using my CONTACT ME page.

« My Blog - Where all the news & updates live!

Posted on 16th March 2018

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