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Hello my kinky darlings


At the moment, there is a lot of talk here, there and everywhere, as we all know, regarding certain places in the UK in lockdown once again.

I want to...

Female slave & Double Domme Available

Looking to indulge in a little Double Domme with my gorgeous Mistress Missy?  Or maybe you are hoping my female slave girl may show you a little servitude, as directed by me?

I can now confirm that...


There's no better way to celebrate the reopening of my chambers than to be entertained by a bit of brand-new, young fresh meat shaped like a sub..., who was just drooling for some Coereced Bi !



FINALLY my darlings... I AM BACK!!

After a long, frustrating few months, my chambers are now FULLY OPEN offering EVERYTHING as I did before lockdown, with any obviously necessary precautions in place....

Fanclub, Video Clips, Shop & More

Hello my darling kinksters

I do hope you are all keeping well and safe, along with your families.  It's not often a Mistress will bring families into things... but at this time, with the COVID...





Until further notice, I am ONLY offering ONLINE sessions including Erotic...

Open for business - No Covid 19

My kinky darlings, it seems only right that I give you my update and take on the Covid 19 outbreak, and where I stand on that as far as sessions go.

I have had NO contact with Coronvirus / Covid 19 and...


Good afternoon my toys

I am taking a short break away for a few days between 6th - 11th inc March 2020.

Please be aware of this and as a result, no sessions will be taking place during these days. ...

WATCH LIVE - My Femslave and I


I am offering you an incredible evening of viewing for your voyeuristic pleasure!

For 2 hours, I will be sessioning with my slave girl, Missy.

I am offering YOU the chance to watch...

Forced is a naughty word, apparently

Sometimes, red tape and bollocks really does just piss me right off.

Anyone in the scene will have heard the term "Forced Bi" before.  If you were out in the Real World (RW) any sexual...

My Video Clips

My video clips are now up and running again, enabling you to stream or download me into the palm of your hand, at your leisure!

Simply go to my Video Clips page here... be sure to click on the link at...

Something a little different

If you know what this is ....  then you know what I can do to you now in my sessions...

Come and try it for yourself... and be ready to be more "creamed" out than you thought possible......

A few new pics.. Enjoy!

Good evening my darling playthings

I have been a little unwell of late my toys... I have been dealing with a nasty case of flu with a real decent cough as an added extra, for a few weeks now.  I...

Double Domme Day

Indeed it was Double Domme day today - and my word, did Mistress Missy and I surely make the most of it!

Having the forced bi slave there too really did fill in a few minutes of pure filth whilst Mistress...

Open This Bank Holiday Monday!

I am OPEN this Bank Holiday Monday my darling toys!

I wasn't.. but a quick change of plans means I now am... Lucky you!

CONTACT ME NOW to secure your appointment my darlings... I can't wait...

Mistress on holiday - And it's my birthday!

Good morning my darlings

I will be unavailable from the 13th - 18th August 2019 as I shall be sunning myself, enjoying your hard earned tributes with Mistress Candy.. and generally having a little personal...


Finally, after several months of issues, it seems that the kinky people who arrange the ability for YOU to make any type of cash payment via my website, have finally sorted out the issues I and several...

The Twisted Sisters

Due to popular demand, I have decided to now bring this lady on board with me to give you the hellish time of your life if you come to worship us both at any time!

This is my REAL LIFE Sister, Mistress...

Another new toy to play with

This time, I have treated myself to this beauty....

My pure soft leather sleep sack body bag!!

It should be with me in a week or so from today 18.6.19

Who's going to be my first... my little...

Avail all weekend and a new toy for Sounding/CBT!

Good afternoon my kinky darlings

A quick note to let you know I am available this coming weekend - 15th/16th June until 8pm, or later by request!

At this moment in time, I have a few slots available...


Good morning my dear kinkys

Tomorrow (saturday) is a rare day to get both myself and Mistress Missy together in a Double Domme session.

We have availability from 4pm till late if you want to come and...

April Special Session Fee Offer

Many of my visitors are more and more frequently visiting me for longer than one hour at this moment in time.  With the arrival of my new bench and cage, I have decided to make it a little easier...

*IMPORTANT* Website payments issue

Good morning my darlings

I do hope you've had a fabulous Easter!

At this present moment in time, it seems that the lovely folk who run the payment systems for mine and many other Mistress's...


As the title suggests, I am looking for a Forced Bi filming slave.

If you haven't already.. and you are interested in forced bi.. take a look at my latest Forced Bi session in full graphic detail...

Forced Bi Avail this Friday 5th Apr

Good afternoon my darlings

Just a quick note to let you know that my original Forced Bi slave... My Sissy Kitty, is available this coming Friday as a last minute appointment.

This is a rare opportunity...

Back after a few days off - and a new treat!!

Good afternoon my darlings

I do not talk about my private life.  But on this occasion, I have been away for a few days without answering calls and I shall briefly explain the reason as a few people...

A real Forced Bi session

If Forced Bi is one of your desires... this is for YOU.

I don't often write about my sessions as I enjoy too much the "element of surprise" for the visiting sub..  but some sessions...

Naughty CBT Toys & Fetish Furniture

Feast your eyes on THIS beauty, my debauched darlings...

My brand new leather bondage bench!!

Adored with thick leather straps and chains to keep you in place, followed by a fantastic steel slave cage...


I have been busy my toys... I have upgraded my dungeon bench!  How thrilling!

I now have a much more superior bench than before.  Longer, a little wider, complete with leather straps all the...

Payment / Gift Tribute Facility now working again on my website

Good afternoon my kinky darlings,

After some website payments issues that were out of my own personal control, I can now confirm that I am able to accept your financial tribute gifts etc, and my memberships...

A new update - A new forced bi slave!

Hello my darlings

Flu and other seasonal germs

I have now gotten over my flu germs kindly given to me by a naughty slutty sissy!!  Once again, I ask that you do NOT visit me if you are somewhat...

Female Slave and Mistress avail all weekend

For the first weekend in quite some time, both myself and my female, Missy are available ALL weekend!!

Want to session with a naughty female slave who just loves to play with slave cock as much...

Ms Nichol & FemSlave Missy - LIVE - Sun 10th Feb

This coming Sunday 10th Feb, my Femslave Missy and I shall be available LIVE ON CAM for the first time in many months!

This is absolutely a treat NOT to be missed!

It's YOUR chance to...

Forced Bi session available tomorrow - Tuesday

As a last minute cancellation has come in, I now have up to 3 hours of Forced Bi fetish available tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) between 1pm - 4pm.

This is a very rare appointment with my original...

Available All Weekend!

Can't wait to see who I can ram this beast into!!

Is it YOU??

Come and find out...

Available ALL this weekend! 

10am - 9pm

Call 07849 223711 To Book!

Available Wednesday - All Day!

I have a whole day free Wednesday... 

Who wants to play?

Call: 07849 223711

10am - 8pm

Come and play.. little toys..



New Year - New Dungeon - New Me!

Good morning my loyal kinky playthings

After an extended period of being unavailable for personal and family reasons, I am now in a position to be able to return to doing what I love best...  being...

* Slave Parties on Hold *

Due to unforseen circumstances, I have no option but to bring you the news that for the time being, my slave parties must be put on hold until  a little later in the year.

Very soon, all will become...


The Autumn is almost here my kinky toys... which can only mean one thing!

SLAVE PARTIES ARE BACK!!  -  And this time just to make sure there's a choice of times.. I am offering TWO...

Strap on / Forced Bi Party!



My Vacancies are LIVE

There is now a nice new page on my website, my loyal toys.

I assure you, a vacancy arising within my very loyal, naughty little stable is extremely rare!  But when it does, you will find all...


Due to a very last minute cancellation...  but thank you SlaveA for understanding this is not acceptable under normal circumstances, so apologised by paying the full tribute fee plus a little extra...

Mistress Nichol & Mistress Missy - w/end Availability

Unusually... I have SOME availability this coming weekend due to a last minute change of personal plans... aren't you lucky toys?

If you wish to book - you know what to do.



VACANCIES - Serious & genuine applications only!!

A set of new vacancies are soon to be advertised on my website, my dear loyal visitors.

These posts will be open for applications shortly.  Applications received before they are open shall...

My New Leather Wishlist

You know that your Mistress adores the gifts that you send to me my darling.  Whatever they are, you are well aware that Mistress enjoys all gifts, but particularly those that the sub or slave knows...

This weeks availability for Mistress Nichol & Mistress Missy

Good afternoon my playthings

Here are the available dates this week from Mon 30th July - Sun 5th August 2018 for both myself and Mistress Missy, my delectable Double Domme Mistress.  Mistress Missys...


Finally, after a very very long search... as my long term boys very well know... I have finally found the most delicious, gorgeous Mistress to Double Domme with to give you boys twice as much trouble as...

DOUBLE DOMME Sessions Now Available!

I am now able to offer you the most incredible DOUBLE DOMME sessions... with a difference.

Mistress Missy is a very special Mistress who works with me, double domming together to keep you extra naughty...

Mistress is under the weather - but good news comes!

Urgh!!  It seems that my perfect self has managed to pick up some germs from somewhere and I now have a bit of a cough and cold, my divine dears.  So I am taking just a couple of days off to...

In the dungeon all day!

Happy weekend my loyal playthings xx

Starting from Monday 9th July, you can find Mistress in the chambers most days, all day. 

This week I shall be in the dungeon and available to play for pre-booked...

Back on Monday 2nd July

After a few days away, I am away to report Mistress shall be back in the chambers from this Monday 2nd July.

Mistress has had a few things to deal with privately so sessions have been postponed for a...

Latest updates in one place

Good afternoon my dears

Heres an easy roundup of my latest news.  Just click on the links to read more information about any piece of news!


Extended Hours...

Website Issues resolved - thank you Suzy!

Good evening my loyal playthings

Just a quick update, and a thank you, to let you know what's been happening with my website of late.

For those loyal visitors among you, particularly those who...


Due to demand, I am now offering Late night and early morning appointment slots for those who need or prefer them.

You are now able to visit me anytime between 7am - Late.

My fee's have NOT risen...

Another fabulous review

I received this email yesterday from a new visitor.....   I think it's fair to say he will be back soon!

Want to find out why?

CONTACT ME NOW to book YOUR divine time with me.




As written by the slave himself.

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed engaging in this.


We had discussed a brief outline beforehand and I was asked...

Female Slut Slave Now Available

From now on my toys, I am able to offer you *extra special sessions or scenarios that may also include a FEMALE SLAVE!

She is very experienced, extra eager to please and completely submissive from...


It seems that you naughty boys have turned my slave party into a full on FORCED BI PARTY with your requests all being around playing in a deliciously dark way...

So it shall be.

Due to 2 unfortunate...


Good morning my playthings

Just a couple of places left for my slave party


All the details as below.

£50 deposit to book - remainder due at the party.

ALL slaves...

Kinky Slave Party 18th April - A couple of slots left

Good morning my dears

Just a quick note to let you know there are only a couple of places left now for my slave party which is happening:

NEXT WEDNESDAY 18th April 1:30 - 4pm.

Is it for you?



For a while now, I have been looking for my perfect female slave or submissive.

But I am very particular and very hard to please.

Who is my perfect girl?


She's ideally new; so a blank...

My ALL NEW Chambers are OPEN!!

At long last, I can bring you the photographs I have been dying to show you!

My ALL NEW Chambers are open - and here is a sneak preview..

I cannot WAIT to welcome you here...

To see the rest of My...

TV Evening Party

Following requests for a more specific, sophisticated evening, I have decided to hold separate events for TVs and for Sissies

TV Evening - Mistress plus a Maid

Friday 27 April. 7.30pm to 9.30 pm. £25...


My kinky munchkins

I can now give you full details of my divine Slave Party taking place in my brand new chambers!  Read on to find out all the details of my upcoming party; including how to...

My website will be down tomorrow Mon 19 Mar

Just a quick reminder my dears, that the great kinky website folk will be working on the servers that my website is included on tomorrow; Monday 19th March 2018, and as a result, during the day,...


Hello my playthings

I bring you now some seemingly unexpected but VERY exciting news!

When I moved into my former chambers, I did so always knowing that the move would quite probably be temporary. ...


Good afternoon playthings

This is a quick update to let you know that on Monday 19th March 2018, for reasons beyond my control, my website will be down during the day.

This is because the website...

FemSlave Vacancy

Happy International Womens Day

.. to all strong, superior women everywhere – my Mistress friends in particular!! 

And of course, to all of my loyal female fans who love to browse around...


After our first very successful live Cam show, my slave and I are now offering this to you on a weekly basis.

For a nominal fee, viewers were able to watch a LIVE SESSION as it happened!

It was unbelievable...

Forced Bi sessions SPECIAL OFFER!!

Always wanted to try a little “Forced Bi” play?  Now is your chance!!


I have given my Forced Bi slave a very rare week off!

So to build up to his “resting...

My TV Mistress Kitty wants YOU this sunday!

Want to be dominated by my TV slave Sissy Kitty, this Sunday?

1-2 hours - JUST £50 ! 50% upfront deposit, 50% in person on the day.

ONLY 2 slaves required

Identity protected if preferred -...

My Chambers Page is Online!

It’s the end of a the first week of my new Chambers being open my toys and what a week it has been!

A little spanking, a lot of caning, some needle play, breath play, humiliation, sissification,...


My dear kinky toys

I have the most incredible news!!!

Session bookings being taken again from MONDAY 15TH JANUARY 2018

Yes my playthings, your Mistress has been quiet over the Christmas...

Mistress is back!

Happy New Year my boys and toys!

As from Monday 8th January, your Mistress is back in full operation after a sort of extended Christmas break.

Whilst I have been away, there has been much happening...

Happy Christmas to all my boys, toys & kinksters!

T’was the night before Christmas….

And your Mistress is having a delightfully rested evening, thoroughly enjoying a nice Chardonnay.. thank you whoever bought me those!  

I have...

Premium Members Galleries

Just a quick note my toys, to let you know my Premium Members Galleries shall be up and running very shortly.  A couple of hitches (the non-kinky type) have stalled the process slightly but it seems...

Merry Xmas Boys, Toys & Bitches

Merry Christmas my playthings.

Your Mistress is sending you kinky kisses… and even though you will never know what’s inside MY stockings this year.. you can rest in the knowledge that...

My Xmas Availability

My dear kinky munchkins

First, let me wish a very Merry Xmas indeed, and a prosperous, healthy new year!!

Now that bah humbug moment is out of the way….


My availability over Xmas...

My Forced Bi Page is now LIVE once more!

Hello my kinky darlings

I do hope you are enjoying taking a look around my full revamped website!

Missing some stuff you loved to visit before the update?  Keep reading..

All of my main fetishes...

My Christmas Wish Gift List is Available

My debauched darlings

You have messaged me to ask what I would like for Christmas from you.

So I have prepared a lovely Amazon Christmas Wishlist, with my 12 special gifts that I want.  Actually,...

Memberships Coming Soon!

Very shortly, you will be able to sign up for membership on my website!

Keep checking the Members area over the coming few days – and sign up as soon as you can!

Members benefits include...


It’s official !!

My brand new website and blog is now live!

Welcome to my new website.. It’s finally happened.  It’s been a long time in the making and there is much work to...


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